Being a truck driver is a difficult job under normal conditions. But doing it has become increasingly difficult since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Employees at Atlantic Logistics, a third-party provider of transportation services, wanted to do something to give back to the carriers and truckers who are giving their all and more in these challenging times.

One of the give-back ideas they came up with was to help meet the drivers’ need for a most elusive product: hand sanitizer. It is critically needed for all the handoffs the drivers have day in and out. The staff at Atlantics Logistics were able to secure sanitizer in bulk and started a bulk rebottling operation that would result in distribution at area truck stops.
“Most Americans want to give back and say, ‘thank you’ to the truckers that keep the shelves stocked and the country moving,” said Rob Hooper, CEO, Atlantic Logistics. “I’m so proud of the initiative our employees took to help make these folks’ lives a little safer and simpler.”
The employees at Atlantic Logistics arranged with TravelCenters and TA-Petro for them to set up personal distribution of hand sanitizer and masks to drivers at their truck stop at I-10 and U.S. Hwy 301. This operation proved successful and all products were distributed. Atlantic Logistics hopes to repeat the project in the near future.