Bender Group, a 64 year veteran of providing third-party logistics services in warehousing, distribution and supply-chain management, announces a result of ‘superior’ rating from the latest food safety audit at the Winchester, VA distribution center. The audit, conducted by AIB International, evaluates the effectiveness of the facility’s adherence to the guidelines established in 21 CFR 110 and international legislation, and the adequacy of the programs that the facility has established for food safety management, pest control, operational methods, personnel practices, maintenance and cleaning.

Lee Canfield is the Facility Manager for the Winchester distribution center. Canfield is proud of the emphasis that his team continually places on sanitation, housekeeping and product handling best-practices. According to Canfield, ‘having AIB validate and recognize the work that we put into maintaining this facility for our clients is great for morale, and reassuring for our clients in the food business. We will proudly display the certificate of achievement and flag from AIB for receiving a ‘superior’ rating.’