Open car shipping is a form of automobile transportation, wherein your vehicle remains in the open during transport. This is currently the most common kind of vehicle transportation. Statistics suggest that about 90% of cars are transported by precisely these means. We will bring to your attention the benefits of open car shipping, so you will have a clearer understanding why this type of transport is so popular. 

Cheapest way to transport your vehicle 

Open car shipping is the cheapest way to transport your vehicle. This is the main reason why people opt for this form of transportation. As opposed to enclosed car shipping open car is affordable to the majority. If you are transporting a standard automobile, meaning it is not an old timer or a race car, this is the best option for you. 


Due to the fact that these carriers can cater to 12 cars at once, the services of open car shipping are significantly easier to hire than enclosed car shipping. This makes the entire organization of the process a lot easier, especially when it comes to booking. There is no need to plan the transportation of your vehicle months ahead of time. 

Precisely because it is open carrier, the size of your vehicle doesn’t make a difference, meaning however tall or long your car might be it will fit on the carrier. 

Very safty way to transport your car

Even though vehicles are not covered (literally) during transport, this is still a very safe way to transport your car. The carriers have mechanisms which secure your car onto the carrier making it safe from any kind of movement during transportation. Additionally, companies that offer open car shipping services also offer insurance for your vehicle. This way you are completely covered should any harm come to the automobile, although we must add these cases are extremely rare. 

If you have a luxury car, and are worried any harm should come to it, you can opt for a carrier with one level. These carriers have a smaller capacity of the two-level carriers and tend to be used for shorter distances. 

It is very easy for our drivers to check the status and safety of your car, with one glance in the review mirror. It is also possible for them to make a short stop and check the car thoroughly. This is a big advantage compared to enclosed car shipping. 

Fastest delivery car to your destination

Open car shipping ensures the fastest delivery to your desired destination. The main reason is the fact that it can transport up to 12 vehicles, making it unnecessary to make extra rounds whereby time would be lost. Additionally, carriers that transport vehicles in the open are significantly lighter than enclosed car carriers, which also makes their journey quicker. The fact that they are lighter also means that they use less fuel which will positively affect the price of your shipping, making it much cheaper.

Stress Free 

The transport of your vehicle can be a stressful job, if you choose to do it yourself. This is especially true for long distances. With Vehicle Haul car transportation companie you avoid the possibility of this happening; you hand over the responsibility and task to professionals who will consciously and effectively get the job done for you. The time you would spend transporting your vehicle you can spend with family and friends. 

Additionally, if you entrust a company to deal with your car shipping, you don’t have to miss out on work which would mean losing money.