BestTransport, a leading provider of cloud-based Transportation Management (TMS) solutions, announced the release of BestOptimize, the newest module in its award-winning Transportation Management solution.

BestOptimize is an online, automated load optimization solution used by shippers to optimally build loads based on cost and other pre-defined business rules.

Key features of BestOptimize include load optimization, least cost rating, traffic management, integration/tender direct, pool points and reporting.

“It’s key for a manufacturer in any industry to not just automate their tendering and transportation management processes, but also to find ways to maximize those efficiencies,” states Senior Analyst, Cathy Roberson of Transport Intelligence. “Companies who go the extra step and use load optimization tools will gain the greatest overall cost—and often competitive—benefits.”

“The BestOptimize module supercharges transportation management by allowing shippers to optimize the details of their shipments,” commented Mike Dolan, CEO of BestTransport. “When used as a part of our TMS solution, customers can reduce their costs and improve their customer service. It’s a win-win.”