There are currently around 1.2 million electric vehicles on American roads, and this indicates that the US is one of the countries that have the resources to become fully electric in the next decade or so. This coincides with President Biden’s commitment to implement fully electric fleets by 2030 in the US. His motivation behind this drastic shift towards electric vehicles and fleets is to honor his environmental goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Joe Biden swapping out his private fleet for electric vehicles won’t contribute much to that change, but many mega-companies in the US are following suit.

USPS Doubles Electric Vehicle Orders in 2022

The United States Postal Service is one of the biggest organizations in terms of commercial fleet size, and with the services that USPS carries out, it makes perfect sense. The postal service currently employs a fleet of around 50 000 vehicles to carry out their essential services. They have recently been looking to revitalize their vehicles as gas trucks have been deemed inefficient and harmful to the environment. The organization has plans in place to refresh its entire fleet by replacing old gas trucks with newer electric truck models. Their goal is to become more environmentally friendly, as well as to save money on gas costs and improve the efficiency of the fleet.

Another way that USPS can stay efficient is by always having a towing service on hand, as many of its drivers will break down routinely during the working year. That is simply part of a postal delivery job. In the United States, it costs around $3 per mile for a good towing service. One of the benefits of the new electric vehicle wave is that most of the EV trucks on the market are extremely powerful and can tow other vehicles with ease.

Hertz Order over 65 000 Electric Vehicles After Last Tesla Order

Hertz’s entire business revolves around the management of a large batch of commercial vehicles in the form of being a car rental company. The company has recently contacted Polestar, a premium electric vehicle manufacturer from Sweden, ordering around 65 000 electric vehicles to kick off a new phase of their business plan. This announcement comes after Hertz said they were buying over 100 000 Teslas midway through 2021. The commitment of this company to the electric vehicle craze underlines the shift that most American companies are undergoing in relation to their commercial vehicles and their fleets.

The Electric Car Takeover is Here

Most people will admit to never having driven an electric car before, and that is completely normal – for now. The market for gas-powered cars is still substantially larger than the electric vehicle market, especially in the United States where there are so many individual car owners. This, however, does not mean that things aren’t changing. With companies and the president publicly making the move to electric, it won’t be long before we are potentially all driving EVs.