Following the successful completion of its concentrated, week-long July residency on July 16, the Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI) at the University of Denver announced that the guest speaker for the graduate program’s October residency will be Matthew K. Rose, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the BNSF Railway Company. In addition, Mr. Rose will announce that BNSF has established the William E. Greenwood Scholarship, which will honor Bill Greenwood’s contributions to the growth and development of the intermodal freight industry.

George C. Woodward, Managing Director, Glenthorne Capital, Inc., and ITI Board President, said he expected the October residency to be a high value session, particularly with Matt Rose as the guest speaker. “The October residency is shaping up to be an excellent period for ITI’s Executive Master’s Program,” he said. “Not only will the current class of management professionals, who are completing their coursework, be together with the new class of managers, who are just beginning their coursework, but the ITI Board of Directors will also be meeting on the campus of the University of Denver. We are especially honored to have Matt Rose as the guest speaker, and this will provide an excellent learning opportunity and relationship-building experience for the transportation professionals involved in our unique intermodal graduate degree program. We are also extremely pleased that BNSF is honoring Bill Greenwood and supporting the ITI graduate program through a scholarship.”

The ITI master’s program, which is a unique partnership between academia and the transportation industry, awards a Master of Science in Intermodal Transportation Management from the University of Denver to participants in the 5-quarter program, allowing senior transportation managers to earn their graduate degrees while working full time. The course modules are designed to prepare leaders in the increasingly integrated freight and passenger transportation industries and are taught by University of Denver and adjunct faculty, transportation organization administrators and transportation industry executives to ensure that program participants receive solid grounding in both the theory and practice of intermodal transportation management.

“The recently concluded July residency week, which brought students on campus to interact with industry leaders, was a great example of how this unique program works,” said Ted Prince, Senior VP of Optimization Alternatives Limited, Inc., and an ITI Board member, who served as faculty lead for the freight transportation course. “There was excellent give and take between participants and faculty from the freight sector of the transportation industry that enabled program participants to enhance their awareness of local, national, and international intermodal transportation issues and challenges presented by the 21st century. This interactive learning experience helps provide them with both the management and analytical skills necessary to address related business and public policy issues within their respective areas of study.”

“The ITI Executive Master’s Program in Intermodal Transportation Management provides participants with a unique exposure to the theories, thought processes, and implementation strategies associated with successful intermodal transportation services,’ said Michael Meyer, Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the faculty lead for the passenger transportation course. “The passenger transportation systems course, in particular, is an excellent synthesis of current practice and future challenges facing the passenger transportation industry, and it prepares the students to be an effective participant in both the industry and in their community.

Management professionals enrolled in ITI’s Executive Master’s Program benefit from having both structured class assignments and on-campus interaction with faculty teams who provide them with a unique perspective on how various freight transportation modes provide commercial service