BNSF Railway boosts service planning efficiency with NuTech Solutions’ Intelligent Business Engine(TM)

NuTech Solutions has helped improve service planning efficiency for one of the largest railroad networks in North America, operated by BNSF Railway Company (BNSF).

BNSF’s Design Managers required service planning functionality with speed and flexibility not found in legacy applications. Partnering with NuTech Solutions to build a system based on one of NuTech’s Intelligent Business Engines? for Simulation delivered the desired results—fast run-times, what-if scenarios and detailed diagnostics that radically shorten BNSF’s design cycle.

“It used to take an overnight run to assess the impact of a proposed service plan change,” said Rick Margl, Assistant Vice President of Service Performance for BNSF. “Today, using NuTech’s Engines, we can simulate the operation of our entire network in just three minutes, ask unlimited ‘what-if’ questions, and ultimately leverage all our options to provide the service plan that best meets our customers’ requirements. Our shippers’ product quality will be enhanced as BNSF’s service plan becomes more adaptive to ongoing fluctuations in lane mix and network volumes.”

With the Simulation Engine supporting BNSF’s Carload operation, BNSF and NuTech Solutions continue to collaborate on advanced service planning solutions. Future phases of development include incorporating the Simulation Engine into BNSF’s real-time tactical planning application and overall network plan optimization.

“BNSF maintains high standards for application development. We are pleased they relied on NuTech Solutions to add leading-edge scientific knowledge and tools to their robust strategic planning systems,” said Michael Thorsley, of NuTech’s Santa Fe office. “NuTech’s Intelligent Business Engines? are a critical component of BNSF’s simulation and optimization processes today and tomorrow.”