Bourque Logistics (BL), the leader in logistics software for industrial shippers, introduces the latest version of RAILTRAC®.

This logistics management software addresses a wide variety of tracking needs and provides the necessary tools to optimize the cycling of your rail fleet. While sophisticated, RAILTRAC® is also very flexible, offering numerous statistical analysis functions and reports that are easily customized and adaptable to meet your needs.

New features benefits of RAILTRAC® 12.5 include:

RAILDash™, a new dashboard graphic which gives you quick access to the tracking and tracing screens within RAILTRAC®. Next on the list of enhancements, is the use of the FILTER data function on the main RAILDash™ screen, which streamlines your logistics process. Furthermore, the FASTRAC® Toolbar was added to another thirty-four screens within the application, so that all the major tracking and fact based screens now provide full filtering capabilities on the data they display or contain.

In addition, unit train tracking is enhanced, adding summary reporting and update capabilities to reflect the status of currently idle trains at a loading facility. Last but not least, RAILTRAC® now offers the ability to create a template that matches new car data provided by car companies so that it can be imported directly into the software module.