Since the start of this new year, Cycleon, industry-leaders in returns management, have been successful in supporting their clients and partners through the Brexit transition. Securing a well-organized UK export process with customs clearance into an array of European countries.

They have achieved this by offering tailored solutions that suit their individual clients’ needs and setups, while also following the customs process at each step of the way and making adjustments where necessary. This has helped Cycleon to maintain a steady movement on shipments between the UK and EU throughout the transition period, and afterwards.

Data management is key to getting customs right. Cycleon has done this by collaborating with a customs broker in the UK, while also ensuring that they are able to gather the correct product data from their clients, on an item-level basis. To ensure that these returns journeys can continue onwards in a timely manner.

Cycleon has also embraced the local solutions available in their existing network. Meaning that the unnecessary transport of goods across the UK/EU border is avoided, along with the associated costs and environmental footprint. Returns are locally registered, reconditioned and stored before they are smartly re-routed.

As Cycleon’s solutions are agile, easy to scale and to integrate, they have been able to secure a seamless returns flow for their clients, during and after the Brexit transition, and will continue to monitor areas where they can further optimize.