Bridge Terminal Transport, Inc. (BTT), national provider of marine drayage services, is pleased to announce the presentation of Safe Driver Awards for 2005 to their owner/operators. Safety banquets were being held last month and this month at each of the BTT terminal locations during which the awards are presented.

BTT is very proud of the fact that 1,500 drivers who have been contracted to the company for the entire calendar year of 2005 had no chargeable accidents; that is about 67% of all drivers. Fifty-three Safe Drivers of the Year have also been recognized, representing all 37 BTT terminals. These 53 drivers did not have a chargeable accident during 2005, were the Driver of the Month for their terminal sometime during the year, and displayed outstanding professionalism on the job.

Thirteen (13) drivers have the distinction of having ten years of safe driving, and five were given 15-year awards. Those receiving 15-year awards were: Fitzroy Corbin, Newark; Herbert Frasier, Charleston; Jesus Trevino, Freeport; Ricardo Flores, Oakland, and Oscar Carinan, Oakland. One driver, Ruben Ibarra of Newark, achieved the outstanding distinction of having 20 years of safe driving.