The world’s leading crane spreader company, Stockholm (Sweden) based Bromma Group, reports continued global expansion of Tandem’ container handling. In China, the Bromma Tandem’ 45 spreader in service at Yantian International Container Terminal has now passed the 500 operating hour mark, with an average performance of 20 moves/hour (30 moves and 59 containers/hour peak.)

At the Hutchison terminal in Yantian, Tandem’ is primarily being used to unload vessels. (As a major export hub, the majority of containers moving back to Yantian are empties.) Later this year, Tandem’ will start being used for vessel loading as Tandem’ operations expand in stages. More than 30 crane drivers have operated Bromma Tandem’ in Yantian, and handling has been stable in all scenarios.

In the Middle East, Bromma Tandem’ is set to begin operation at the Bandar Abass terminal in Iran (Sahid Rajee Port Authority) in the summer of 2006. Bandar Abass is the leading container terminal in Iran, and is currently gearing up to add five new berths. The Bromma Tandem’ spreader on order will operate on an 80-ton post-Panamax ZPMC crane, and will, like the Tandem’ spreader at Yantian International Container Terminal, be initially used to handle empties.

The Tandem’ operation at Bandar Abass is designed to set the stage for future terminal growth, as Mr. A.K. Razazan, Port Technical Director, notes, ‘Our investment in the terminal of Bandar Abass benefits current customers by increasing our capacity for rapid ship turns. Just as importantly, it sets the stage for teu expansion in the future. We intend to grow at Bandar Abass, and investment in state-of-the-art container handling equipment, such as Bromma Tandem’, is part of this strategy for growth.’

Record 2006 Sales For Bromma Group

In addition to growing customer interest in Tandem’ container handling, Bromma is experiencing widespread sales growth in every crane spreader category. In the first four months of 2006 alone, Bromma has sold 400 telescopic crane spreaders. This is after a record 2005, when Bromma sold nearly 800 crane spreaders ’ a 31% sales increase over 2004. (Bromma sales of fixed-length spreaders, straddle carrier spreaders, overheights, and other mobile equipment spreaders are not included in this figure. In 2005 Bromma sold nearly 800 crane spreaders; through 2006 Bromma had sold 400 crane spreaders. Including non-crane spreaders, Bromma sold 1,900 spreaders in 2005.) Major contracts year-to-date in 2006 include 34 ship-to-shore spreaders to Liebherr Ireland; 22 STS45 separating twin-lifts plus 17 Overheights to Euromax; 22 ship-to-shore spreaders to APM Terminals, Algeciras; and 30+ Marathon’ yard crane spreaders to ZPMC.