The world’s leading crane spreader company, Stockholm (Sweden) based Bromma, has been awarded a major new STS twin-lift spreader contract for delivery to Hyundai Development Company, Korea. The new Hyundai contract is for 10 Bromma STS45 separating twin-lift ship-to-shore spreaders. The Bromma STS45 is the container handling industry’s best-selling ship-to-shore spreader, a highly versatile separating twin-lift solution capable of single and twin-lift (20’ containers) operations. As such, it offers customers such as Hyundai a proven, reliable, and highly productive container handling solution. Growing terminals need durable, high-capacity equipment that keeps lifting whatever the box situation on the ship. The reliability and flexibility of the STS45 leads to faster ship turns, due to higher boxes moved per hour, and the greater revenue potential it can unlock from every ship berth. Durable Bromma spreaders show up for work every day – they excel at productivity – which is another reason why they are the most popular ship-to-shore spreaders in the world.

A Lighter and Adaptable Solution

In addition, Bromma STS45 spreaders are lighter than most comparable STS separating twin spreaders. The Bromma STS45 separating twin spreader weighs in at 12,7 tonnes, while competing spreaders from other spreader manufacturers weigh as much as 14,2 tonnes. A 1,5 tonne weight saving translates into sizable savings in crane power consumption. Also, they are available with options for almost every terminal preference, including height indication; LED lamps; side flippers; a Twin Twenty Detection System to detect gap risks; SCS3 advanced spreader diagnostics technology; and noise reduction technology, to name just a few. Finally, the Bromma STS45 spreader is also now available with a new load sensing system for the spreader twistlocks that can identify container overloads, understatement of container weight, and out-of-balance eccentric loads – all of which pose a well-known safety risk at terminals.