A Long Island Rail Road strike will put 20,000 tons of goods and products and 800 long haul trucks back on Long Island roadways over the course of a month according to executives at the Brookhaven Rail Terminal (BRT).

Jim Newell, President of Brookhaven Rail, stated, “Based on the strategic role the rail terminal has played over the last 12 months to reduce regional truck traffic, air emissions and roadway wear and tear, our calculations show that Long Island needs to be prepared to see a return of at least 185 truck trips if the strike lasts a week. That calculates to tons of engine emissions from heavy truck traffic and the obvious additional congestion on a road network that will be way past the breaking point.”

Newell said, “We are issuing an advisory to local and state transportation officials so that they can factor these numbers into their crisis management planning because the BRT has become a quiet but essential transportation asset in moving commerce onto Long Island over the last year. A strike will clearly shut down that role and exacerbate a terrible situation as 150,000 daily commuters queue up on the Long Island Expressway.”