C.H. Robinson Worldwide and non-profit organization Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) have announced they will work together to help motor carriers reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

CSS identifies, promotes, and finances the use of clean technology to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution from heavy-duty diesel engines. They serve their clients with energy-efficient products, regulatory advice, installation contracting and coordination, and below-market financing, which enable long-haul drivers to cut their costs and their carbon dioxide emissions. According to Sharon Banks, CSS founder and chief executive officer, diesel engines usually maintain around 5.7 miles per gallon of diesel. A full retrofit of energy-saving devices potentially could save 20 percent on a trucker’s fuel bill.

To help support CSS in their mission, C.H. Robinson will provide financial support and will help promote CSS services to its network of over 45,000 contract motor carriers in North America. In addition, C.H. Robinson will invite its customers to participate in the newly developed C.H. Robinson-CSS Customer Match Program. The program matches a percentage of C.H. Robinson’s eligible customers’ donations to CSS.

“We believe investments in technology, products and programs that target long-term and continual improvement of the industry are essential to the sustainability of the transportation and logistics industry. For many carriers, especially smaller companies, making the necessary investments to retrofit older equipment is often cost-prohibitive.’ Innovative approaches like the programs developed by CSS enable carriers to reduce their emissions and their fuel expense, and help them be more competitive. We’re proud to be supporting CSS in their mission to help the motor carrier community and improve the environmental impact of our industry. Together, we can help make a measurable difference,” said Mark Walker, C.H. Robinson senior vice president.

Jim Butts, C.H. Robinson senior vice president, said, “Sustainability within the supply chain is important to everyone. Our goal everyday is to support greater efficiency and increased productivity for our shippers and carriers.’ We look forward to our strategic alignment with CSS, and are confident that our shippers will readily recognize its potential to positively impact their supply chains through increased support of the carrier community.’ The goals - increasing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon impact - benefit all of us.”

Sharon Banks of CSS said, “Cascade Sierra Solutions is dedicated to saving fuel and reducing emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines. It’s a terrific opportunity for us to work with C.H. Robinson to promote our services to the carrier industry and engage their customers in our mission. We are excited about growing this relationship and working together to improve the economy, environment, and communities across the nation.”