Cargo Chief today announced the release of the latest version of its C4 carrier management platform, version 3.0—now the most advanced finder of backhaul full truckload carriers in the OTR (over-the-road) industry. The C4 platform now sorts carrier lanes by both headhaul and backhaul using a carrier’s headquarters and most frequent routes. C4 leverages carrier lane preferences by giving any sized brokerage actionable results to see where, when, and how often a carrier runs a given lane. C4 also aggregates a broker’s existing carriers and out-of-network carriers to provide a complete view of available capacity for their next load.

“In addition to the location of the carrier—often the most important consideration in finding a truck—C4 now sorts through backhaul and headhaul options to find the most immediate capacity,” said Russell Jones, CEO, Cargo Chief. “C4 intuitively ranks available carriers by location, capacity and haul direction to provide C4 brokers an inherent advantage when searching for the right carrier.”

C4 brokers can enter an upcoming load’s origin, destination, as well as the trailer type to see hundreds of available carriers. Getting the most actionable carriers for a lane is prioritized and sorted by best match, lane frequency, and now a carrier’s haul direction. Headhaul and backhaul serve as the distance from the load origin or destination in relation to the carrier’s headquarters.

“Our experience from booking hundreds of thousands of loads over the years is that a backhaul carrier could save us 5% to 15% on the cost to cover a load,” commented John Andreotti, COO of Trek Freight Services, LLC. “Finding backhaul carriers definitely increases our margins.”

When the searched lane is paired with haul direction, brokerages can quickly find coverage for their shipments instead of relying on load history or call-ins from posted loads, giving them an effective outbound and proactive approach to build carrier relationships for long term success and greater profitability.

Cargo Chief’s C4 platform leverages the industry’s most comprehensive database of carriers and an unparalleled array of integration technologies that enable any size carrier to seamlessly share their available capacity within the Cargo Chief network. This valuable information is aggregated so that 3PLs can see which of their carriers and additional carriers is the right carrier for their next load.