Company adds first employees to control and manage exports from world’s 15th largest country

Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Cargo Connection Logistics - International, Inc., has hired its first two employees for its Vietnam operations. The Company recently announced that its first containers of cargo from Vietnam had already arrived in the United States through the Port of Oakland.

“This marks the beginning of what we expect will be a very important moment in the evolution of Cargo Connection Logistics - International,” said David Quach, President of Cargo Connection Logistics - International. “The two initial employees will manage and control the export freight from Vietnam to the United States and provide the customer support necessary to provide the necessary data for the Shipper in Vietnam and the Consignees in the United States. This is a historic moment for the Company as it clearly defines the beginning of its plan to become an internationally recognized company.”

Quach said the new employees are bilingual and will not only provide customer service for the shippers, but will also provide the necessary data entry into Cargo Connection Logistics’ state of the art information system. That information will allow shippers and consignees to have full sight of their cargo, from pickup in Vietnam through delivery in the United States.

“While this is just the beginning of operations overseas, we will use this as the model for opening offices in other locations that are ‘touch points’ for our cargo around the world,” said Quach.

“With supply chain management becoming as sophisticated a business as it is, the movement of information is as important as the movement of the cargo,” said Jesse Dobrinsky, CEO of Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc. “This investment in Vietnam will provide our customers with the tools they will need to efficiently operate their businesses. Our information systems will provide the latest data for our customers at every location their cargo is touched. This will update vessel names, ETDs, ETAs, embarkation and disembarkation information of the cargo. This is the kind of critical data that our customers are demanding from Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers today. We are excited about this development and will continue to keep our shareholders advised as this and other developments occur.”