As part of the company’s strategic focus on warehousing, cargo-partner continues to expand its storage capacities around the world. The latest investments into the iLogistics Centers Brwinów near Warsaw (Poland), Dunajská Streda near Bratislava (Slovakia) and Dobrovíz near Prague (Czech Republic) are a reaction to the constantly increasing demand in the region.

Dunajska Streda - Photo copyright cargo-partner
Dunajska Streda - Photo copyright cargo-partner

Expansion and certification process in Poland

cargo-partner has been operating in Poland since 1998 and today is one of the main international transport and info-logistics providers in the country. As of June 2021, cargo-partner has increased its storage capacity in Brwinów by another 3,000 m². The iLogistics Center now provides 11,000 m² of storage space at a temperature range of +15 to +25 °C, including a 1,000 m² bonded warehouse area. The facility is located in a class A building in the MLP II Logistics Park, southwest of Warsaw and next to the A2 motorway, the most important west-east connection in Poland.

Milan Lani, Corporate Director Product Management Contract Logistics at cargo-partner, explains the strategic significance of the warehouse: “Thanks to its location in the center of the country, our iLogistics Center Brwinów is an ideal hub for distribution throughout Poland and many other European destinations. The close proximity to Warsaw Airport also makes it a strategic point for international airfreight. The 3,000 m² we have now added to the facility are dedicated to cross-docking activities and bulk storage.“

Hand in hand with the expansion of its facility in Brwinów, cargo-partner in Poland has strengthened its focus on quality and process control and has acquired the relevant IFS Logistics and GDP certifications. The logistics provider is currently working on obtaining HACCP certification for its iLogistics Center Brwinów as well as its iLogistics Center Zory, which provides 6,650 m² of storage space near the Katowice Special Economic Zone. Combined with a smaller cargo-partner warehouse in Poznan, the company operates a total storage area of almost 20,000 m² with more than 13,000 pallet slots in Poland.

5,200 additional pallet slots in Slovakia

Only one year after the most recent expansion of the iLogistics Center in Dunajská Streda, cargo-partner in Slovakia has once again decided to invest into the facility in order to meet the high demand for warehousing services in the region.

Milan Lani states: “This investment will help us to utilize the full 14.5 m clear height of the warehouse hall and to increase the number of pallet slots per square meter. The expansion will be divided into two phases: During the first phase, we are increasing our capacities by 3,600 pallet slots, and we have also obtained two new forklifts. The second phase will be realized at the beginning of September and will consist of 1,600 pallet slots operated by one new forklift.”

Thanks to its direct connection to the METRANS rail container terminal, the warehouse is one of cargo-partner’s most important rail transport hubs in Europe. Its favorable location offers railway access to most major seaports in Europe as well as fast connections from China via the New Silk Road. From its distribution center in Dunajská Streda, cargo-partner delivers automotive components to leading OEMs in several European countries including Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. The modern warehouse halls provide 30,300 pallet slots on 18,300 m² of storage space, including a 3,300 m² bonded warehouse. Together with the iLogistics Center in Bratislava, cargo-partner in Slovakia owns a total of 26,500 m² of warehouse space with more than 44,000 pallet slots, offering a wide variety of value added services for its customers.

Strengthening foodstuffs expertise in the Czech Republic

cargo-partner in the Czech Republic places a special focus on warehousing and distribution solutions for the Foodstuffs & Perishables sector. At the iLogistics Center in Dobrovíz near Prague Airport, the company offers storage at ambient (+15 to +25 °C) and chilled (+2 to +8 °C) temperature ranges. In order to expand its expertise and complement its service portfolio in the foodstuffs industry, cargo-partner has acquired the Czech company Gibon Logistics as of June 1, 2021.

Milan Lani explains: “Gibon Logistics offers unique fulfillment solutions for refrigerated food shipments. This will allow us to provide our customers with tailor-made services for any shipment size, from single pieces up to pallets. In addition, we now operate a smaller refrigerated warehouse in Brno, which serves as a cross-docking hub for the Moravian region. In combination with our main warehouse in Dobrovíz near Prague Airport, we can achieve ideal coverage of the Czech Republic. All our warehousing and distribution services make use of active cooling to ensure an unbroken cold chain. As the next step in our ongoing development, we are working on setting up a frozen storage area (-5 to -15 °C) within our iLogistics Center Prague.”