Cargo-partner is starting an Europe-wide initiative supporting the usage of ecological substances by the trucking industry. The platform institution for this initiative will be a development association which is currently being established.

Said Stefan Krauter, Chairman of cargo-partner’s Managing Board, “It’s perfectly clear to the automotive manufacturers that due to ecological considerations the system has to switch from fossil fuels to substances which will have significantly less impact on the environment. Neither our children nor our grandchildren would like us to be indifferent to the fact that the temperature of Mediterranean Sea has risen by 0.7 ‘C in the last 10 years and it is still increasing further. Hydrogen is a medium-term energy source of the future and most of the technical problems concerning the usage of hydrogen as motor fuel have been already solved. However, short-term motto should be: “natural gas instead of diesel”.

From an economic point of view, the replacement of traditional motor fuels may be a big problem. Although the ecological considerations have been widely neglected by the trucking industry up to now, the system change could be introduced and successfully implemented if only certain tangible, economic incentives are created. The trucking industry, which is currently responsible for one fourth of fuel consumption in road traffic globally, is a subject to market economy regulations which can be used in a proactive way already today.”

“The biggest European manufacturers of passenger cars have already invested enormous amounts of money in research and development of H2 and fuel cells. Consequently, these companies are already very experienced in the practical implementation of ecological fuels. Apart from this we can observe a general readiness to act in a more ecological way and this trend is present not only in Europe but also in other continents. As a global transportation company we consider it our environmental and sociopolitical duty to help introduce environmentally-friendly motor fuels to the trucking industry. Therefore, cargo-partner and its associates in both supply and research as well as the truck manufacturing industry will place a special emphasis on environmental issues in all their European operations.”