The World Air Cargo Event, which takes place in Dubai, January 22-25, 2006 is generating rapid and positive responses from the air freight industry, with over 70% of the available stand space being sold out and conference delegates signing up well in advance. Apart from the obvious attractions of Dubai in January, there are clearly sound business reasons for attending the event as Ulrich Ogiermann, President and CEO of Cargolux explains.

“I feel that the number of air cargo conferences and exhibitions has been increased substantially over the years. For this reason, it is vital that the date of any event, the topics of conference programs and the venue are carefully selected, in order not to take up the same issues, or to clash with other events. It also appears wise to change the location from event to event, to address a different audience. Cargolux is a major player in the air cargo industry, being number three in Europe and number ten worldwide and as such, our input at the conference is of great importance, whilst our presence at the exhibition itself definitely very useful.

“Our aim in going is to strengthen relationships with representatives of the air cargo industry, to bring our message forward, to meet the forwarders, and to look at expansion plans together with representatives of the various airports. In addition, the conference and the exhibition are also a good platform to exchange views on current industry issues, to hand out and obtain latest industry documentation. We will certainly invite our local customers and meet with the worldwide press and the media, thus strengthening relationships, arranging interviews, and while we are there, will make the most of networking opportunities.

” We look forward to having the opportunity at this event to address important issues. At this moment, the rising fuel costs affect the entire industry, one of the most important subjects right now. Furthermore, security is still of high importance, as well as the development of new markets, like India and China. In addition, we will be concerned with the forwarder’s view on various subjects; transportation of specific commodities, short and long-term forecasts, to name a few.

“With the conference being held in Dubai, it proves interesting to look at the impact of the new flower centre and logistics area, as well as growth within the Gulf and the Middle East Region. The UAE has always been of great importance to the Cargolux worldwide network, especially as an intermediate hub between the Asian Region and Europe, and to serve the UAE region both ways. Our Dubai office was already established in the early 70 s, followed later by Abu Dhabi, and since 2001 by Sharjah. In addition, trucking services to and from the surrounding area are offered, plus interline services, in cooperation with Emirates Airlines. In 2004, Cargolux also developed a new market, offering all-cargo services from the UAE to Kenya, which looks very promising. The UAE is indeed a good place and environment for an international event, being situated between Europe and Asia, offering ample travel possibilities to the area. The local growth has over the years attracted all players of the industry and is permanently in the lime light. The timing is also fine, not being too close to the Air Cargo Forum 2006, and also in view of the weather in the UAE in January.”