JERSEY CITY, N.J. - In 2016, 1,614 records of cargo theft, heavy commercial vehicle theft, supply chain fraud, and other intelligence events across the United States and Canada were logged by the CargoNet® Command Center. 836 of those records involved cargo theft Heavy commercial vehicle theft has increasingly been in the spotlight since the Berlin Christmas market attack on December 19, 2016. This attack highlighted how easy it is to steal a semi-truck and cause mass casualties. In 2016, CargoNet recorded 623 stolen tractors and 732 stolen trailers in the United States and Canada. Tractor thefts are up 8% year over year, and trailer thefts are up 4% year over year. CargoNet recorded $114 million in stolen cargo across 554 cargo theft incidents for an average loss value of $206,836.97. If we apply this average to the events with a missing value, the loss value would equal $172.9 million. Reported cargo theft incidents were highest in California (228 reports; +36% year-over-year), Texas (135 reports; +1% year-over-year), and New Jersey (73 reports; -25% year-over-year). Georgia is usually one of the most common states for cargo theft, but tough cargo theft legislation along with a statewide, cutting edge, and proactive task force has made the state very hostile to cargo thieves. Reported cargo theft losses in Georgia dropped 64% year-over-year. Food and beverage commodities remained the most stolen category of cargo in 2016. Out of 836 reported cargo thefts, 217 of them involved theft of food and beverage products. Alcoholic beverages, meat products, and non-alcoholic beverages were the most stolen items, respectively. Electronics items were the next most stolen commodity with 122 reported losses and most costly category with $45.6 million in reported losses across the United States and Canada. Cargo theft was most common on Friday with 164 reported events and Saturday with 140 reported events. However, Monday and Tuesday were the most common days to report a cargo theft loss to CargoNet; 201 cargo thefts were reported on Monday and 171 on Tuesday.