CargoSmart Limited announced that it is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Currently, over 30,000 members from over 12,000 organizations actively use CargoSmart’s open platform to connect to their ocean carriers and access consolidated shipment information from one location. Importers, exporters, and transportation intermediaries rely on CargoSmart’s high-quality shipment data, reliable services, and advanced applications to plan, process, monitor, and share their multiple-carrier shipment information throughout the shipment cycle.

CargoSmart solutions allow customers to automate their shipment management processes to save money, work more efficiently, and improve communications with multiple departments and logistics parties globally. Customers consistently rely on CargoSmart to manage unexpected events and control costs. When hurricanes, port strikes, and other unplanned events disrupt supply chains, customers turn to CargoSmart to determine the latest shipment status, implement contingency plans, minimize detention and demurrage charges, and check financial information. “CargoSmart is successful with shippers because of the high quality shipment data that it provides through its flexible platform,” said Joe O’Brien, CargoSmart director of business development. “Whether to spot exceptions through daily reports or minimize demurrage charges with pre-alerts, our customers continue to use CargoSmart for the critical and timely information that it provides.” Five-year champion customers include BenQ, Brooks Sports, Celanese Canada, Meyer, and Zak Designs.

Rapid growth

Over the past five years, customers have been rapidly moving their traditional offline and manual shipment management processes to CargoSmart to automate and manage their multiple-carrier shipment information. Currently, CargoSmart’s system generates about 6,500 reports and 37,000 event-driven e-mail notifications each week. In the last year, transactional features have continued to grow in popularity with the number of booking requests up 79 percent, shipping instructions submitted up 235%, and bills of lading printed up 130%. Also in the last year, CargoSmart’s user base has doubled. The ability to automatically share critical shipment information has improved visibility and communication across global organizations. The proven benefits have prompted customers to exponentially increase the number of associates connected to their CargoSmart network. In China, the most notable growth region, customers manage their rapidly increasing shipment volumes with CargoSmart’s online and offline solutions. Globally, CargoSmart has also experienced growing demand for its integration solutions. Technically sophisticated customers are increasingly requesting shipment data to be transmitted to and from their systems using XML and electronic data interchange (EDI) to improve visibility, data accuracy, and productivity.