Carlisle Leasing International, the premier specialist in refrigerated container leasing, will now enter the dry van market. Since its inception in 1993, Carlisle Leasing has established itself as the highest-ranking lessor of refrigerated equipment. The global supplier will now offer standard dry containers also. Initially Carlisle Leasing will be offering 20’, 40’ standard and 40’ high cube steel dry van units and other specialized equipment. Newly manufactured units will be delivered directly ex-factory in China or via vessel positioning as needed worldwide.

In making the announcement, Carlisle Leasing’s President, Hugh Fehrenbach, said “We pride ourselves in responding positively to our customers’ needs and are pleased that they are now asking us to bring our reputation for high quality service in reefer leasing to bear on the standard box side of the business. Our prime motivation remains that of responding to our customer requirements according to market demand.”

Carlisle Leasing’s well-known reputation in the reefer market is based on creative leasing solutions that cover the full spectrum of operating and finance leases. These include, long-term leases; lease-to-own with flexible buy-out options; master leases with annual renewable agreements; and damage protection plans. Initially, dry containers will be offered under long term and lease finance categories with development of master lease options in the future.

“Flexibility is being increasingly demanded of carriers in fulfilling the demands of changing trade patterns. As a crucial partner to the carriers, Carlisle Leasing has likewise always offered lease supply and product flexibility to adapt to the more rigorous technical demands of the reefer trades. The market for leasing standard containers will now benefit from our ability to provide adaptable solutions,” said Mr. Fehrenbach.