CARRIER53’, a Hamburg-based, fully independent VOCC specializing in the on-demand carriage of 53’s is open for business. To date, the carrier has successfully completed 39 voyages with sailings running weekly. Please find attached more information on the business and cargoes they carry.

Below are some words on the genesis of the business from Willem-Alexander Dous, Managing Partner & CEO, and Jan Frahnert, Managing Partner.

“We communicate daily with our customers to actively learn about their supply chain and logistics problems,” said Willem-Alexander Dous, Managing Partner & CEO. “An essential part of our company culture is that we take the time to brainstorm with our team to permanently strategize and develop innovative solutions for our customers' problems; our positive development will end the moment we follow the mainstream – and that must never happen.”

“The shipping of 53-foot containers became increasingly difficult or even impossible during COVID-19 due to the collapse of international supply chains and the dramatic shortage of vessel space,” said Jan Frahnert, Managing Partner. “This prompted us to establish a specialized liner service with the know-how and network of our current team of experts. The response from the industry was enormous, encouraging us to expand the business model and manifest it with the establishment of a new liner shipping company.”