Descartes Systems Group, a global on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) logistics solutions provider, announced that CEVA Logistics, a global supply chain management company, is using Descartes Cargo 2000 to help it comply with business process and automation standards established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

CEVA, a long-time Descartes customer, recently undertook an initiative to improve the quality and timeliness of the data that it exchanges with its air carrier partners. CEVA started by adding Descartes Quality Monitor solution to monitor the content and delivery of its existing logistics messages. CEVA Logistics then joined Cargo 2000 and deployed Descartes’ Cargo 2000 solution with its existing portfolio of Descartes solutions to enhance its air cargo messaging business process.

Descartes Quality Monitor and Descartes Cargo 2000 are both value-added solutions available over Descartes’ Global Logistics Network (GLN), one of the world’s largest multi-modal networks for exchanging logistics data. Both solutions are designed to help reduce errors and increase accuracy in electronic logistics messaging while helping users, such as CEVA, comply with Cargo 2000 certification.

Cargo 2000, an industry initiative led by IATA, was created to standardize processes that improve efficiencies for the worldwide air cargo industry. Descartes has supported IATA’s Cargo 2000 initiative since 1998.

“At CEVA, we are committed to streamlining our operations and improving our service by embracing Cargo 2000 standards,” said Richard J. Zablocki, VP Air Products, CEVA Logistics. “We are already working with Descartes to improve the quality of our logistics messaging data, so going one step further to use Descartes’ solutions for Cargo 2000 compliance was a natural decision.”

Using Descartes Cargo 2000, CEVA can monitor shipments at a master air waybill level between airports; monitor events and match route map milestones against actual event timing; consolidate status data of multiple route maps to obtain statistical data about transportation quality; and use route maps to describe transportation milestones from origin to destination.

“CEVA is a long-time Descartes customer, and we are pleased that we could extend the value we deliver to them over our GLN to help them comply with Cargo 2000,” said Scott Sangster, Vice President, Global Logistics Network at Descartes. “Descartes enables our customers, like CEVA, to become Cargo 2000 certified and use the power of the GLN to improve the overall quality of the air cargo shipment process.”