, a leading Internet-based chassis reservation exchange owned and operated by Chassis Finder, LLC, has expanded coverage nationwide with the addition of locations in or near the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle port complexes. The western locations went live on the website on Oct. 1. Chassis users now can reserve chassis in all major ports and many key inland hubs directly through 24/7.

A web exchange that connects chassis users with chassis providers, offers availability and pricing information for daily leases. Via the exchange, truckers can find and lease a chassis by location, date, quantity and type, and chassis providers can make inventory available to customers 24/7 to maximize nationwide utilization.

“We have seen consistently strong overall growth since inception,” said Chassis Finder President Bill Knight. “Growth in some locations has been exponential, indicating strong support from the local transportation community. As we have focused on making life easier for the chassis users and adding value to their businesses, more and more third-party logistics (3PL) providers are using the system to aid their planning processes.”

In addition to expanded geographic scope, the site now makes available more types of specialized equipment, including upgraded triaxle and 40’ chassis in some locations.

Kevin Higgins, Chassis Finder COO, commented: “Based on customer demand, our vendors have increased availability of triaxles and other specialized equipment. These can be particularly difficult to obtain, which is why we’ve seen our fastest growth in such equipment types. What used to be a cumbersome process now can be completed in less than one minute on, saving truckers precious time and money and helping chassis providers optimize inventory utilization.”