ChemLogix LLC is partnering with the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) to provide its members with premium transportation and logistics services that can significantly reduce costs and improve control of domestic and international shipping operations.

Offering state-of the-art logistics management technology and resources through its ‘Load Center’, ChemLogix can help small and medium-sized chemical shippers reduce freight costs by taking advantage of the same competitive pricing that larger shippers receive for freight movement. By tapping into its billion-dollar-plus freight database, ChemLogix can secure best-in-class freight agreements based on each shipper’s specific lane, equipment and delivery requirements. Freight services extend to LTL, TL, bulk, intermodal and international hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and dry materials freight movement.

‘With a database of over 9,000 carriers, we can help companies determine the best source based on their specific requirements,’ notes Joe Cygan, Vice President, ChemLogix, LLC. ‘Our database also maintains the most current information on government shipping regulations and restrictions to ensure compliance, especially when shipping overseas.’

Once joining the program, participating SOCMA members give ChemLogix negotiating power to create a customized freight tariff for their outbound, inbound and international shipments. The ChemLogix Load Center will coordinate and tender loads between the shipper and carriers, provide status updates on shipments and alerts to potential customer service issues, and supply periodic reports on cost and service performance. ChemLogix will also manage the freight bill audit and payment process. Freight claims management is also provided should situations require investigation and arbitration on behalf of the shipper.

‘The ChemLogix Load Center essentially serves as the back office of logistics operations, supporting current staff with the tools and resources needed to optimize transportation operations,’ notes Cygan. ‘Using our services, SOCMA members can reduce freight costs and improve visibility into their overall logistics operations.’

For companies seeking more in-depth solutions to address specific logistics challenges, ChemLogix provides strategic services such as benchmark studies and supply chain diagnostics as well as the latest in transportation technology including online bidding. Using a flexible business model called C|3PLUS, ChemLogix combines strategic insights with industry-leading best practices to provide customized logistics solutions that address a shipper’s current needs and future goals.