The Asia-US container shipping research and discussion forum Transpacific Stabilization Agreement (TSA) will expand its membership with the addition of China Shipping Container Lines Co. Ltd. (CSCL), effective in January.

China Shipping, based in Shanghai, operates a worldwide fleet of 153 containerships, with an aggregate capacity of nearly 437,000 20-foot containers (teus). Its domestic China network links 12 coastal ports plus ports along the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers and their tributaries. CSCL also operates on 40 international routes serving Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the US, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. It operates three service strings independently and participates in two other joint services from Asia to the US

‘We welcome China Shipping as a new member of TSA,’ said Agreement executive administrator Brian M. Conrad. ‘They are an important participant in the transpacific market and, as such, face the same operational and cost concerns that other TSA carriers do. To the extent we can broaden our information collection and sharing capabilities regarding market conditions, costs and services, and then provide greater visibility to the customer base, the entire trade benefits.’