According to the statistics released by Brazil’s MOIT, China consistently occupies the position as the biggest trading partner of Brazil in 2013 compared to the imports and exports in 2012. In addition, Brazil has imported a total of $37.3 billion from China last year, an 8% increase from the previous year.

Co-chaired by Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer in Guangzhou, the third session of the China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee was successfully held, with both sides agreeing to further their comprehensive strategic partnership.

Both sides had an in-depth exchange of views on politics, trade, finance, science and technology, education and culture and reached wide consensus in advancing their partnership. This meeting shows that China and Brazil will pledge to forge a common future.

As Brazil’s e-commerce sales grow rapidly, Chinese e-commerce companies are rushing to build their presence in that booming market in Latin America’s biggest economy.

With the increasing China-Brazil cooperation, there must be more preferential policy for the two countries. While both countries seek for resources and business opportunities, OSell aims to establish a long-term partnership with Brazil e-commerce, so as to benefit more Brazilian retailers by providing more business opportunities.

Global online retail hasn’t remotely hit its full potential yet—by 2015, Forester expects online retail sales to be coming from all of these markets (and many more), driven by compound annual growth rates (CAGR) ranging from 22% in China and 18% in Brazil, to 20% in Mexico and fully 53% in India (compared with 9% in the U.S. and 10% in Europe).

The Brazilian online retail market is the largest by far in Latin America, and will grow from $11.9 billion this year to $22 billion by 2016. Now, global retailers have yet to become a major contender in either. Furthermore, consumers are accustomed to cheap or free shipping. Many retailers are looking for a supply chain on the desk to make easy money without any worries.

Brazilian market, as the most promising e-commerce markets in the world, has the potential to develop not only from the large number of online users, but also the enthusiasm for online shopping.