China World Trade Corporation, an international trade facilitator providing business intelligence, professional strategic planning, and access to the worldwide business network for Chinese enterprises, announced an international trade matching MOU between its subsidiary World Trade Center Club Beijing (“WTCBJ”) and The World Trade Center Association L.A.-Long Beach (“WTCALA-LB”). WTCALA-LB, a subsidiary of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, focuses on facilitating import and export assistance to companies in Los Angeles, California and promoting foreign investment into Los Angeles County.

Under the terms of the MOU, WTCBJ will facilitate trade between Chinese suppliers of certain manufactured goods and US buyers based in Los Angeles. WTCBJ will also provide Chinese market intelligence and research services to the American buyers in selected commercial sectors.

“This agreement reinforces CWTC’s dominance as both a trade agency and direct investment consultancy linking Chinese enterprises with partners in key international trade regions such as Southern California,” said Mr. William Tsang, President of CWTC. “This agreement exemplifies the strength of our international networking platform, and offers a commercially beneficial and potentially lucrative opportunity for our member organizations in Beijing. We look forward to working with The World Trade Center Association L.A.-Long Beach to enhance each of our platforms.

“Leveraging this achievement, our subsidiary WTCBJ will strive to further establish its trade facilitating network with other international members of WTCA with the objective of evolving from a membership service center to a global international business and networking platform,” added Mr. Tsang.

The agreement announced today follows a WTCBJ-hosted import, export and foreign investment conference held in Beijing on June 8, 2006. Promoting trade between Beijing and Southern California, conference attendees included representatives from World Trade Center Association L.A.-Long Beach along with officials of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

The mission of the World Trade Center Association LA-Long Beach is to support the international business development of Southern California companies as the leading trade association and international clearing house for the Los Angeles region. WTCA membership includes nearly 300 sister WTCs in 100 countries. Over 750,000 companies are affiliated with WTCA members worldwide. The WTCA LA-Long Beach is a subsidiary of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation.