CHS Inc., a Fortune 100 energy, grains and foods company and the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative, has announced construction of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Fairmont, Minn.

“Our company’s first CNG facility will serve drivers of CNG trucks and cars, as well as fuel our own natural gas transports that haul for the CHS soybean processing operations in Fairmont and Mankato,” says Paul Herskind, Business Development Manager. “CHS is embracing alternative fueled vehicle technology such as CNG and propane autogas to cost-effectively serve some of its customers and to help achieve our aspiration to have a best-in-class transportation business. We are committed to helping build the natural gas infrastructure and making this alternative fuel more accessible to fleets, farmers and consumers.”

The new CNG fueling station will be built adjacent to the CHS soybean processing plant in Fairmont. Construction is expected to be completed by September 2014. This is an excellent opportunity for the enterprise to leverage an existing property and maximize the utilization of its assets.

CHS Transportation operates one of the nation’s largest private truck fleets, logging nearly 35 million miles each year. In addition to adding transports powered by natural gas to its fleet in 2013, CHS is currently testing propane injection systems on some of its fleet tractors.

The company has demonstrated a commitment to alternative fuels for more than four decades, including marketing ethanol globally, and selling E85 and other ethanol-blended gasoline through its Cenex® branded retail network.