Consolidators International (CII), a leading Los Angeles-based wholesaler, has begun the implementation of screening process under a TSA mandated program whereby 50 per cent of all freight carried in bellies of passenger aircraft must be screened.

In announcing his company’s new inspection program, President Julian Keeling commented, “although CII is geared to serve all forwarders with international air shipments, we expect to be helpful particularly to smaller and mid-sized consolidators.” He noted that CII is one of the first smaller’air freight organizations to obtain the highly sophisticated equipment required to screen shipments under the TSA mandate. “We can save other forwarders time and money when utilizing the screening process at CII,” he added. The CII President emphasized that customer confidentiality “will be adhered to rigidly.”

“The equipment has been thoroughly tested and we have a trained staff to operate and monitor the program,” Keeling asserted. “We are ready to work with forwarders who have overseas shipments of every size and type.”

The massive equipment, consisting of an X-Ray machine and an Explosive Trade Detector (ETD) are housed in a secure, sealed off portion of the CII warehouse. The X-Ray machine is capable of examining’large wooden skids with a weight capacity on their rollers of 4,000 to 6,000 lbs. The Explosive Trade Detector is a portable device that is rubbed on cargo and picks up particles of known “problematic” compounds. CII’s secure warehouse is located just a short distance from LAX’ cargo facilities.

Keeling concluded by’stating, “CII is proud of its contribution to national security. The security of the U.S. is paramount at CII.”