Gainesville, Georgia – CindersBay LLC today announced that it has joined an Agreement to represent Swivel Software as an Associate Solutions Partner.  CindersBay will focus on delivering Swivel Logistics solutions to International Freight Forwarders, 3PL’s, Logistics Service Providers. and Cargo Shippers.

Swivel Software creates a new approach to digitalizing processes for freight forwarders and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) seeking seamless supply chain management tools.  With the emphasis on technology that’s easy to access and use, and more personalized customer service than is currently available in the market, Swivel has a unique corporate pedigree.  This approach will set it, and its portfolio of products, aside in a market bedeviled with complex, inflexible software options presented to both forwarders and shippers.

Through their partnerships with CindersBay, Swivel customers have more direct access to local resources with expertise in logistics technology and international supply chain processes. 

“Our customers are seeking fulfillment applications that enable them to deliver world-class services and remain competitive in a global market”, said Ann Marie Hynes, CEO, CindersBay. “The mission critical functionality provided by Swivel Software, combined with the unique expertise of our team, will equip customers to work together effectively through e-commerce and digitalization.”

Channel sales and service partners are a critical element of Swivel Software’s global growth strategy because they extend access in all global regions and contribute significantly towards the company’s overall success.  CindersBay will add value by providing highly skilled Logistics Technology and Supply Chain experts with years of experience in process improvements and implementing enabling solutions from Swivel Software. “We look forward to working with Swivel Software”, said Hynes. “The Asian pedigree of the Swivel suite of products, with Mandarin and Cantonese options, will help significantly in integrating data from source locations and organizations across Asia with the freight’s import markets destinations.

“Our Partner relationship with CindersBay ensures them full access to Swivel Software resources throughout the evaluation and sales, delivery, and support phases of their projects,” said Matt Motsick, CEO, Swivel Software. “