Global hunger for green energy is fuelling new business opportunities for project cargo specialists with demonstrated capabilities in the supply chain management of oversize plant and equipment needed for clean power generation.

TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA, says it is firmly committed to marketing its solutions to the clean energy sector.

TransGroup has already formed a strategic alliance with O. Lisboa Despachos in Brazil to tap into increasing demand to build green energy turbines through wind harvesting.

This month (June) TransGroup teamed with O. Lisboa Despachos to transport 50 wind turbine blades each measuring 47.5 meters long and weighing more than 14 tons from Santos in Brazil to the Port of Oswego on Lake Ontario, New York State. This wind energy cargo is the first of three charter ships that will transport equipment to generate and deliver energy into electricity transmission grids in North America.

TransGroup Director of Projects, Sue St Germain, said the massive logistics project was made up of more than 750 loads, of which more than 600 were oversized.

‘TransGroup believes it is well positioned, in co-operation with targeted project cargo specialists, to provide logistics management support for the transportation of plant and equipment to meet demand in the growing clean energy markets around the world,’ Ms St Germain said.

‘There is a substantial investment in clean energy technology, particularly wind power, and as a supply chain solutions provider we ensure that the plant and equipment that the suppliers require is delivered in line with their specifications.’

‘Wind energy market forecasts anticipate further record growth in demand in North America, and the already strong market share in Europe to continue. This combined with the potential for usage in China creates enormous opportunities for logistics managers with the experience to load and transport what can be very challenging outsize cargo.’

Ms. St. Germain said further shipments to complete the wind power contract were scheduled for July and August.

TransGroup showcased its logistics management expertise at the American Wind Energy Association Windpower 2007 in Los Angeles from June 3-6, 2007.

TransGroup has also recently joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership that aims to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

In December of 2006, TransGroup introduced TransNeutral - Eco-Responsible Transport Logistics, which it believes is the forwarding industry’s first Carbon-Neutral logistics solution.