CMA CGM is pleased to announce the upgrading of its WAX service (WEST AFRICA EXPRESS) on Asia-West Africa trade with the introduction of a new built vessel, CMA CGM EVEREST.

Efffective this month, CMA CGM will operate on 100 % exclusive basis, six vessels of 1700/1850 teus capacity.

The rotation will be as follow: Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Chiwan, Port Kelang, Durban, Tema, Lom’, Cotonou, Abidjan, Colombo, Port Kelang, offering a 12 days frequency.

This service will be operated in complement to Delmas service (ASAF: Asia - West Africa).

The call in Port Kelang, main South Asia hub of CMA CGM, will permit other connection with CMA CGM services.

The upgrading of the new direct service is dedicated to the booming Chinese export market to West Africa and will allow the group to keep its leading position on this fast growing market.