CNC has announced the addition of Semarang Express (SRG), Palembang Express (PLM) and Bangkok Express (BMT) to its portfolio of services in Intra-Asia. CNC is the Intra-Asia short sea specialist of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics.

The newly introduced SRG will call at the ports of Singapore and Semarang twice a week. Importantly, the short- and long-haul cargoes onboard SRG can be connected to the regional and global network of the CMA CGM Group via the trans-shipment hub of Singapore. It will commence its first sailing on 3 May from Singapore with the following service rotation: Singapore–Semarang – Singapore.

Through the PLM service, CNC will expand its extensive port coverage in Indonesia to Palembang, a niche port located in South Sumatra. With CNC’s entry to the Palembang market, the Intra-Asia specialist will facilitate the export of Indonesian products such as rubber, plywood, fertilizer and coffee. PLM will start its inaugural voyage on 7 May from Singapore, shuttling between the port of Singapore and Palembang.

Meanwhile, the new BMT service will double-up as an alternative shipping choice for customers with Bangkok-bound cargoes from Singapore. On 10 May, BMT will embark on its maiden sailing from Singapore with a service rotation of Singapore Bangkok Singapore.