Con-way Freight, a less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking company and subsidiary of Con-way Inc. (NYSE: CNW), today announced the launch of, a new online customer portal with enhanced features and expanded capabilities enabling Con-way Freight’s customers to more efficiently manage their LTL freight needs.

The new web portal, which can be accessed at, represents in-depth customer research and engineering to identify, build and deploy improvements to site design, features, functional navigation and ease of use elements. The all-new site features predictive search capabilities and streamlined access to management tools encompassing all aspects of a typical LTL shipment transaction. Registered users can easily create and customize a “MyTools” personal dashboard to display the tools they use most, saving them additional time. “Our customer satisfaction research showed we were already best-in-class in providing effective technology and tracking systems as well as website ease of use. We sought to continue to push our leadership position even further based on what we were hearing from our customers,” noted Bill Wynne, vice president of marketing for Con-way Freight.

“We have to drive simplicity for our customers and make our interactions with them fast and easy. is a foundational piece of that customer experience.” features a simple “What would you like to do today?” predictive search bar along with three easy-to-use menus: “Ship it,” for obtaining customized rate quotes, initiating actions like a pickup request or completing an online bill of lading, “Manage it,” for managing a full range of customer-generated reports, and “Support,” for access to commonly used forms, customer service and other related support features. The intuitive site will allow customers quick and easy access to key information and reports while enabling them to customize their home page to support the work they do most often on the site. This will save crucial minutes on every transaction and provide increased confidence in Con-way Freight’s ability to deliver a superior service experience through consistently damage-free, on time and fast service to customers.

SOURCE Con-way Freight