The NC State Ports Authority announced a 16 percent fiscal year-to-date growth in container volume at the Port of Wilmington. This is on the heels of 29 percent growth in fiscal year 2010. 
“The growth in container volume is a direct result of NC Ports being able to respond to the growing needs of NC businesses. New services provide better opportunities for the shippers and consignees,” said Glenn Carlson, Chief Commercial Officer, NC State Ports Authority.

In addition to the growth in container volume, breakbulk operations in Wilmington and Morehead City are up a combined 27 percent over the 2010 performance. This growth is a reflection of the strong global recovery in commodities such as wood pulp, shipped through Wilmington, and metal products and rubber imports, which are shipped via Morehead City. 

“We anticipate continued growth in the coming months as new business comes online in Morehead City. Additional dry fertilizer imports are supporting a strong January performance, and we recently kicked off woodchip operations with regular exporting to begin in June,” said Carlson.

This growth is supported by significant investments made in infrastructure, equipment and systems along with process improvements. It is implemented by an integrated workforce that includes port employees, longshoremen, stevedores and other service providers, all of whom are committed to creating value for Port users.

The Authority expects continued moderate growth through the year.