Following three years of dedicated work in the technical development of their TMS, FreightViewer, the Coop has forged a partnership with freight consolidator Shipco. This partnership will allow the Coop members to directly access the LCL rates in more than thirty countries around the world. 

This new feature implemented in our member-exclusive TMS is a momentous step marking The Coop’s next stage of expansion in 2021. The ability to handle international freight forwarding operations from one easy to use platform will allow the network members to enhance their work efficiency and focus on customer satisfaction while considerably lowering their expenses. 

The ability to access LCL rates in over thirty countries via FreightViewer, estimating the profit margin and coming up with an accurate quote for the client within less than a minute, are some of the features that are sure to enhance the efficiency, output and customer satisfaction of the members. In the competitive market of today, this can be a tremendous advantage that will place the members ahead of their competition when it comes to garnering a project. As stated by Mr. Morten Bach, the Chief Commercial Officer of Shipco Transport, “Speed in quoting is essential in a market where the difference between one quote or the other has become minimum. This means that in some cases, who quotes the faster will have the shipment. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to develop tools such as FreightViewer”. 

FreightViewer was created with a mind to allow the Coop members to merge the know-how and experience of reliable freight forwarders with the offerings of technological innovations thereby achieving enhanced efficiency and optimization of resources. Developed by an international logistics network with extensive worldwide coverage, FreightViewer is a groundbreaking solution that will truly help the small and mid-sized member companies to be on a par with the top players in the industry. 

In the words of Antonio Torres, the CEO of Cooperative Logistics Network, “Implementing this unique feature in FreightViewer is in line with our network’s commitment to execute a digital transformation that will provide end-to-end logistical solutions and allow our agents to compete with the big players in the market. It will give our agents the ability to manage freight rates from third parties via FreightViewer, thereby enabling them to handle a bulk of their operations from one single platform.”

Coop members who attended the first Virtual Meeting held in November have already been acquainted with this new feature and the response has been encouraging. Even since the creation of this TMS, the Coop’s FreightViewer department has been working relentlessly towards further improvement and features to make the members’ tasks even easier. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, the network members can now benefit from this cutting edge tool and gradually adapt to the digital transformation in this sector.