Norfolk, Virginia-based logistics provider and freight forwarder CV International (CVI) has recently analyzed at the impact technology has had on the company. In particular, the company has analyzed the effectiveness of particular technology offerings and functionality and the impact they have had on their growth trend.

Mike Coleman, President of the logistics provider explains, ‘CV International has recently experienced a period of tremendous growth, now servicing customers’ needs in almost every port in the world. Our goal is to provide our customers with a single, integrated one-stop offering, continually adding services as needs arise. We continuously evaluate the factors behind our success, and how can we continue to apply these same factors to be assured of continued growth. One critical element that has enabled us to provide the highest level of world-class service is technology. I believe our relationship with our technology partner IES, Ltd. has been vital in our development.’

‘With the recent trend toward increasing regulations, utilization of technology to achieve compliance has become more important than ever. IES has always been well ahead of the curve in regulatory compliance. They were one of the first out the door with user friendly software to facilitate ISF compliance. We were already submitting ISF’s for our customers while competitors scrambled to comply.’

‘The IES emphasis on streamlined data flow is very helpful to our bottom line. We can re-use data that our overseas agents have already entered, allowing us to increase efficiency while decreasing costs. Anyone who persists in tracking data on spreadsheets will not excel in the long term. When you look at who stays viable, it is those providers who are technologically savvy and who partner with leading technology providers. You simply have to have technology, not just to keep up with the stringent demands in this industry, but to truly stay on top of the game.’