Cycleon, industry-leaders in returns management, have further expanded their returns network in North America with the opening of a new warehouse facility in Waco, Texas. This additional location will facilitate a number of improved services that will further extend their returns solution in the region for both retail and online returns.

This new return center will help to shorten lead times in central USA by 20%. This is an exciting development as shortened lead times are beneficial for retailers, as well as customers. A quicker turnaround will improve refund times while also preventing item depreciation by supporting a faster and more efficient re-fulfillment process. It’s also a step towards a more sustainable returns flow, with a central location requiring shorter transport distances than before.

The Waco facility will also increase Cycleon’s overall operational capacity. Enabling them to process higher volumes of returns and perform additional value-added services. Activities such as item verification, grading, re-conditioning, rebagging, retagging, repacking and redeployment. All of which help to maintain the value of returned items, protecting profit margins for retailers. This process also engages with the circular economy by preventing items from becoming waste through Cycleon’s smart routing tools.

“The opening of the Waco location is yet another successful steppingstone in our expansion in North America,” says Managing Director of Cycleon, Jelle Schoenmaker. “We’re excited to offer our returns solutions here to a whole host of new retailers and are of course looking forward to what the future holds in this market.”