Damco, a global freight forwarder and part of the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, has selected the GlobalTrak system to increase visibility to shipments to ensure the safety and security of the logistics efforts of the’ US Department of Defense (DoD) in the Middle East. Damco is employing GlobalTrak to track and monitor shipments of Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) goods from their transshipment point. The cargoes arrive in Turkey and then travel cross-country to destinations in Iraq. The GlobalTrak system is designed and produced by System Planning Corporation, of Arlington, VA, known for its technologically advanced systems engineering and development, especially of world-class radar physics products for DoD.

Damco places the GlobalTrak quick-mount asset monitoring unit (AMU) on truck trailers crossing Turkey. This AMU carries a suite of sensors to report location and cargo condition via fully 2-way cellular and satellite communications to a secure, online portal called the Information Management Bureau. This information gives Damco and AAFES greatly enhanced visibility into the safety and security of shipments it manages.

‘The GlobalTrak system delivers the visibility required to track AAFES goods in a market where safety and security of shipments is a top priority. We are pleased that we can provide this vital solution for our US Government customer,’ said Jens Wessel, Chief Commercial Officer, Damco North America.

GlobalTrak, the most capable tracking and monitoring system available today, provides security, cargo condition monitoring, and cargo tracking and inventory management on a single platform. Because GlobalTrak uses publicly available global communications networks, no additional infrastructure is required. GlobalTrak’s highly flexible and adaptable units are currently deployed on intermodal shipping containers, railway cars, and truck trailers on US, European, and international shipping routes.

‘GlobalTrak is committed to delivering advanced technology solutions to global logistics providers, like Damco, to provide the granular supply chain visibility necessary to effectively manage and respond to security breaches and in transit disruptions of their customer’s cargo,’ said Richard C. Meyers, CEO of GlobalTrak.