Held on the January 16th 2014 in London, Global freight forwarder and logistics services provider Damco has won two awards at the prestigious event of the British International Freight Association - BIFA Awards.

The Damco UK team was chosen best in two categories - The Environment Award and Young Freight Forwarder Award. The jury chosen Damco UK, as the team exhibited a range of initiatives that scope extends beyond their own organization, including reporting of the carbon footprint to their customers and demonstrating total transparency.

“It is an honor to have such talented and energized people on our team in the UK, who are fully focused on the customer, helping to find efficient solutions to reduce cost and carbon foot print” - says Paul Gallagher, the CEO of Damco UK.

The UK team pose an extensive track record in the field of green logistics and sustainable supply chain, working with some of the largest world’s retailers.

Charles Van Der Steene, Damco West Europe CCO said - “Our ambition is to grow with our customers. The Damco UK team demonstrated a high level of commitment and understanding of our customer needs, identifying areas where our customers can reduce their cost”.