The most modern forwarding terminal in DB Schenker’s European land transport network has opened in the Austrian town of Bergheim, near Salzburg. Around EUR 26 million was invested in the terminal, which serves as a hub for flows of goods in Europe, efficiently linking modes of transportation.

The roughly 80,000 square meter site is now home to a 10,000 square meter transshipment hall, a 4,250 square meter logistics hall and an almost 5,000 square meter office building. Rail transports are integrated seamlessly into logistics solutions thanks to the terminal’s dedicated siding, which connects the terminal to the rail network.

“Salzburg will play a special role as a hub in our European network. This investment has already played a part in offering new economically attractive solutions to customers throughout Europe,” said Karl Nutzinger, CEO Europe of Schenker AG. “And thanks to the capacity in Salzburg, we will also be perfectly positioned when the crisis comes to an end.”

The transshipment hall features state-of-the-art equipment including 125 loading and unloading bays. 115 docking gates equipped with levelers. Thirty electrically driven forklifts are used at the terminal to ensure operations are quiet and clean.

The complex’s sub-floor conveyor chain has an average capacity of 400 metric tons per hour, which is equivalent to a throughput of 680 pallets. It conveys freight through two automatic scale and measuring systems. These systems ensure dimensions and weights of the consignments are recorded correctly while greatly improving efficiency, quality and safety. A system of 190 indoor and 50 outdoor cameras enables barcode information to be linked to video data, allowing every consignment in the warehouse area to be tracked accurately.

120 export and 145 import lines in European land transport currently pass through Salzburg. The terminal offers the entire range of services - from parcel shipments and regularly scheduled group age transports to less-than-truckload and full truckload transports. DB Schenker in Salzburg also acts as a hub for Austria’s national transport system with fast overnight services to all regions.