Descartes Systems Group, a global on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) logistics solutions provider, announced that its more than 200 Importer Security

Filing (ISF) “10+2” customers are making the new filing with US Customs & Border Security (CBP) at an accuracy rate close to 99% - significantly higher than the overall rate of approximately 85% recently reported by CBP.

These results were announced by Descartes’ ISF “10+2” working group, a customer subcommittee of Descartes’ Customs Advisory Council. This working group was formed in response to CBP’s new ISF “10+2” rule that requires importers to provide CBP with 10 data elements about ocean shipments inbound to the US at least 24 hours prior to vessel departure, and ocean carriers to provide 2 data messages at least 48 hours prior to vessel departure.

Descartes’ ISF “10+2” customer working group works with Descartes to enrich the Descartes ISF service, offer industry insight into adoption and roll-out, and communicate with government representatives to better understand and normalize compliance requirements for smoother adoption.

The Descartes ISF Service offers importers, customs brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs and shippers a comprehensive solution to help them make the new ISF filing. To accommodate customers’ varying technical capabilities, Descartes offers options that range from a user-friendly Web solution that permits manual entry of data information, to a tightly integrated system-to-system electronic data interchange (EDI) connection. Regardless of the option chosen, Descartes ISF Service submits required data information electronically to CBP and gathers the status of that filing in real-time streamlining the process and ultimately improving productivity and ensuring compliance.

“At Descartes, we strive to enhance our Global Logistics Network and help our customers be prepared for new regulations,” said Ed Ryan, Executive Vice President, Global Field Operations at Descartes. “Our customers have come together with Descartes through this “10+2” working group to standardize business processes and ensure that we deliver solutions to improve their ability to manage shipments while complying with this and future regulations.”