deugro (USA), Inc. won the ConstructSecure Gold Safety Award 2021 for the second consecutive year. The ConstructSecure Gold Safety award is presented to companies registering a safety score between 85% and 95% in the Safety Assessment Program administered by ConstructSecure.

ConstructSecure Inc. is a global SaaS company and one of the fastest-growing providers of enterprise supplier risk management software. Some of the largest companies worldwide use this Harvard-developed algorithm to increase safety, minimize risk and make the right risk management decisions.

The Safety Assessment Program reviews a company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The program normalizes data for vendor or contractor size and type of work performed. It provides a thorough, objective and consistent evaluation of a company’s performance so that clients can identify, monitor and manage risk in a smarter way. The results provide a strong indicator of how a vendor or contractor values safety and is a reliable predictor of future performance.

ConstructSecure sees Dynamic Risk Mitigation (DRM) as the most promising approach for the most efficient risk management. Companies using this technology are winners when projects are safely delivered on time and on budget, especially with the future trend of building bigger and more complex capital projects in a shorter amount of time. Lost revenues due to delays or shutdowns are close to zero. The same is true for image or reputational damage, which would be the worst-case scenario. Future successful companies are expected to execute in-depth examinations on the most relevant indicators to predict future performance, team up with their contracting partners, and use real-time risk signals and analytics to continuously improve.

“deugro has a six-step transport assessment process to ensure an economic, safe and efficient planning and execution of complex projects, with risk assessments at all project stages and a close-out meeting with the client and all parties involved. ConstructSecure also conducted its Safety Assessment Program for deugro this year and once again honors the outstanding work,” said Garrett Burke, CEO of ConstructSecure Inc.