Dependable Global Express (DGX), an international logistics provider, has established a customs brokerage division to complement its global freight forwarding operations.

In announcing the new division, Brad Dechter, President, stated, “Dependable Global Express is keeping pace with demand for complete logistic services. This new customs brokerage service, available to importers utilizing either ocean or air, combines the most advanced technology with a high degree of personal service.”

The new division is under the supervision of Gloria Serrano, Global Import Manager at DGX, a licensed broker with multi-years experience in customs brokerage.

Ms. Serrano noted that DGX now has remote filings capability that allows the brokerage division to hndle processing of clearances into any U.S. port or CBP district in the U.S. “Many locations in the U.S., generally not considered ‘gateways’ like the major ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach or New York, actually handle significant amounts of goods entering the U.S.,” said

Ms. Serrano. “With our remote filings capabilities, DGX now can process customs clearances to any destination in the U.S.”

“Utilizing DGX, importers will derive substantial benefits by using a single controlling source for both their transportation and customs brokerage needs,” continued the company’s Global Import Manager. She emphasized the new customs brokerage service “provides complete tracking and tracing of each imported shipment through DGX’ international tracking and tracing system. We provide high visibility to customers at every stage of the transport and brokerage process.”

DGX’ customs brokerage division is part of a planned program of growth for the company. During the past few months, it has announced new ocean services to the west coast of South America and the Caribbean, and greatly expanded facilities in the USA territory of Guam.

Dependable Global Express (DGX) is part of the “offshore” companies of the Dependable Company of Transportation Services also including Dependable Hawaiian Express (DHX) and Dependable AirCargo Express (DAX). Dependable Hawaii Express is the largest freight forwarder serving the Hawaiian Islands and also provides cargo service to Guam. DAX is an air freight forwarder serving both domestic and international shippers.

The “onshore” operating group of Dependable Companies includes Dependable Highway Express (DHE), Dependable Distribution Centers (DDC) and Dependable Logistics Solutions (DLS)