FreightScan, LLC, a company that develops and deploys innovative technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry, has received a contract from DHL Aviation Americas for the installation of a new automated FS100 cargo scanning system.

The contract calls for the installation of one FS100 automated dimensioning system to be installed at the DHL Aviation Americas facility at the Miami International Airport (MIA) in February 2009, where one unit will be capable of scanning 100% of its cargo shipments. Based upon the results provided by that system, several additional units are scheduled to be installed later in 2009, at designated air cargo facilities within DHL’s Latin America network. ‘The DHL Aviation Americas division will be using the FS100 systems to identify accurate dim weight of its shipments, as well as using the visual record the FS100 produces for claims management.

‘This new contract comes just 90 days after we completed an on-site evaluation of the FS100 system at DHL’s Miami facility,’ said Andr’ Johnson, CEO of FreightScan. ‘DHL found the results of the evaluation to be extremely positive, providing benefits that included both increased revenue and manpower savings with no disruption to existing workflow. The MIA staff was excellent to work with, and DHL Aviation Americas is a great example of how forward thinking executive leadership with an open mind to technology can bring in innovative solutions to improve the bottom line. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with DHL, and delivering substantial value to their organization.’

‘Our team was very impressed with FreightScan’s automated dimensioning system,’ said Reiner Wolfs, Vice President of Aviation Operations for DHL. ‘During our evaluation of the FS100 system, we identified significant potential for facilitating and streamlining the process of collecting dimensional weight data. The ability to easily integrate the automated unit with our existing data capture applications, combined with the ease of use of the FS100 scanner itself, resulted in superior accuracy of data captured, and this at a far faster pace. Our staff found the system easy to operate, and the reaction was positive from the warehouse agents on the floor through to management.’ We anticipate numerous benefits from installing the FS100 at our MIA facility.’

‘We often find that the implementation process for an FS100 system causes cargo operations to standardize dimensioning cargo with unexpected ease,’ added Johnson. ‘By automating the collection of dims, particularly if the system is installed over a scale, warehouse agents can capture dimensional weight in seconds ’ which provides a great improvement over the current manual process that is both time-consuming and often inaccurate.’ In turn, by utilizing the FS100 units, our customers realize substantial ROI with very little capital investment.’