DHL announced the expansion of its Trade Automation Services (TAS), now covering over 90% of the world’s trade flows. TAS, a comprehensive online resource from DHL that provides complete trade and customs data for 63 countries, has been expanded to include coverage of additional countries, including Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela and the Philippines.

With the increase in global trade flows and as the reliance on global providers becomes increasingly important, businesses need solutions to meet regulatory requirements, expedite customs clearance, and minimize risk while maximizing profit.’ ‘Strong growth for DHL Express in Asia Pacific and increased demand for day definite products in Latin America led to DHL’s continued improvements and expansion of TAS,’ said Preston Rencehausen, Services Portfolio Manager at DHL Express. ‘‘In 2008, TAS Web Services transactions were up nearly 25%, reflecting the need to simplify and streamline global trade as it becomes increasingly complex.’

DHL’s Trade Automation Service offers competitive advantages for global shippers, including more trade documents to prevent errors of omission, 10-digit Harmonized Tariff System codes for faster customs clearance and more accurate estimates, as well as daily updates to the system.

TAS is designed to take the guesswork out of estimating duties, import/export regulations and other customs-related issues, providing access to many functions.

DHL will be expanding TAS coverage to the following countries by April 2009: Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.