Speed and reliability are crucial elements in modern logistics and transportation businesses, and DHL Express constantly monitors its operations in search for areas of improvement. Over the past two years, DHL Express has held ‘Trade Lane Workshops’ that produced extraordinary improvements in its transit offerings.

The DHL Express Competitive Transit Time Program (CTTP) resulted in the creation of over 27,000 more competitive transit time standards on city-to-city lanes between Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EEMEA). New line haul routings, an improved connectivity through the new central European Leipzig hub in Germany, and an excellent ground infrastructure have facilitated the improvement of transit time offers in over one-third of all lanes (representing almost 20% of the total annual volumes) between Europe and EEMEA. Almost 1,300 new trade lanes with overnight document delivery have been set up, bringing the overnight delivery offer up by 27% from 4,735 to 6,033 lanes. One of the highlights from this review is the establishment of overnight service from all major European cities and business centers to Moscow and St. Petersburg, with Russia being the 2nd largest destination country out of Europe for Express documents.

Lyndon Morgan, Head of Operations Performance DHL Express EEMEA, said: ‘Our goal is to constantly review our sectors and exploit them to the maximum. Our current service offering for DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is our fastest ever and our reliability is at an all time high. However, we aim to constantly improve our services and remain the first choice for our customers.’

Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales Director David Wilson added: ‘With the new service enhancements, we are able to assure our customers of our excellence, reliability and service orientation, and will certainly attract many others to take advantage of our expertise.’

The second phase of the CTTP program was launched in 2008 in order to improve specific areas in transit of goods. It consisted of workshops with DHL experts from various units such as Network Planning, Operations Performance, and Commercial Air. All DHL Express regions are involved now, and the program continues to take pace. Further improvements are being identified and will be implemented shortly.