DHL Express, the world’s leading provider of international express shipping services, recently expanded its vast network of U.S. retail locations by opening a new mobile pop-up store in San Bernardino County, located in Chino Hills, California. Based at the Shoppes at Chino Hills, the 2,200-cubic-feet mobile DHL ServicePoint offers a safe, easy-to-use shipping option for customers.

“The opening of this new store provides greater accessibility and more convenient ways for customers to ship internationally from Chino Hills and the surrounding communities. By making this store reliant on renewable solar panel technology, we are reinforcing our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations,” said Chet Paul, SVP of Commercial for DHL Express U.S. “These mobile units are part of our U.S. plan to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers while taking into account the pandemic-related surge in e-commerce sales and increased demand for international shipping services.”

Local consumer shipping needs have accelerated in the last year, with many first-generation Americans shipping to their native countries, including China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Conveniently located on Grand Avenue at Peyton Drive off the 71 Freeway, the new ServicePoint unit is the first mobile pop-up store in California, with others planned throughout the state.

The Chino Hills unit is DHL’s first 100 percent off-the-grid retail store, boosted by a solar powered system with backup batteries charged at the local service center – helping reduce energy consumption. It rests atop a patented hydraulic-lift platform that lowers nearly flush to the ground so customers may easily access the unit either via a window or by entering the store. DHL’s increasing shift toward renewable or “green” energy sources is propelling electric mobility and facility solutions for logistics, helping the industry go green and providing neighborhood-friendly solutions in cities and logistics operations.

An efficient point-of-sale system is capable of processing shipments to U.S destinations as well as any of the 220 countries and territories DHL serves. Supplies such as bubble wrap, packing tape, and DHL-branded boxes are available at the mobile unit. In response to social-distancing concerns, this DHL ServicePoint also offers convenient safety features such as the Call Ahead service (labels and packaging are ready when the customer arrives to reduce wait time) and an easy-access service window.

To create this mobile DHL ServicePoint location and its first off-the-grid model, DHL worked closely with Flexetail, a leading designer and builder of mobile shops that offers brands an affordable opportunity to test products, explore new markets and launch new lines.

In addition to these new company-owned stores, over 3,500 independently owned DHL ServicePoint Partner stores continue to play a critical role in the company’s retail strategy within the U.S. market. All locations provide DHL Express international express shipping services (among other brands), global knowledge and expert advice to help businesses reach the international marketplace.